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ROVEEE, world's first production Mini ROV capable of Fish Net Repairs

This Mini ROV called ROVEEE was invented in a converted garage in Kawit, Cavite, Philippines in December 2006. ROVEEE is a brainchild of its founder Michael Poblete. Since then, the company has built capabilities in rapid design, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing and programming technologies. ROVEEE is proudly Philippine-made :)

There are different use cases for this Mini ROV but most clients are using it for aquaculture.


  • Inspect fishpens, fish ponds, and explore seabeds with the use of ROVEEE.

  • ROVEEE will provide a more reliable, affordable and safer way of conducting underwater inspections.

Here's a demo of how ROVEEE can repair fish nets.

This is just the company's first product and it is continuing research and development activities of unmanned systems that will produce highly cost-effective products using ultra-modern rapid design and manufacturing technologies.

Here's how we compare with competitors

For inquiries or any leads, you can email [email protected] or visit the company's website at http://www.roboteknik.com. There are more updates in the product's facebook page https://www.facebook.com/roboteknik

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