8 steps to run Play-With-Docker(PWD) in your Mac

Was able to do it in a few steps in my MacBook.

My Environment

  • MacOS Sierra v10.12.6
  • Docker v17.06.2-ce-mac27 (19124)
  • Go 1.8
  • 8GB RAM reserved for Docker

Steps I did

  1. git clone https://github.com/franela/play-with-docker.git (fig. 1)
  2. If you haven't installed Go, you need to install Go v1.7 or later. I'm using 1.8 in my machine. You can use brew to install if you don't have Go installed yet.
  3. docker pull franela/dind
  4. cd play-with-docker
  5. go get -v -d -t ./...
  6. export GOPATH=~/go
  7. docker-compose up
  8. Once pwd1, pwd2, haproxy, grafana and prometheus services are up, play-with-docker is ready! You can access ==http://localhost == and create a new play-with-docker session

Fig. 1 (Step 1, Step 5)

Fig. 2 ==http://localhost ==

Fig. 3