I have been working as an IT professional for 21 years. I have been able to work as a Software Developer, Team Lead, Technical Manager, and Scrum Master in startups, medium-sized companies and large companies. I have good experience in developing interfaces for mobile, web, server-side applications and integration for different-sized organizations. I am able to contribute to all organizations I’ve worked with as an individual contributor or as part of a team.

I started my career in the Philippines working for the National Computer Center in 1999. After that, I moved to the private sector and worked in the Philippines for 6 years as a Software Developer from 1999 to 2005. After gaining experience from local companies, I pursued a more challenging role in Singapore. I spent 2.5 years working in Singapore until I decided to move back to the Philippines in mid 2008 to run my own business focusing on mobile (iOS, Android) and web applications development. Then, for personal reasons, I moved back to Singapore in 2012 to pursue my career here as a Software Engineer.

In 2016, I worked at Standard Chartered Bank as a Technical Manager/Scrum Master of our department’s framework development team which consists of frontend, backend, and dev ops engineers. Our team was responsible for innovating the bank’s Trade Finance applications using new technologies like Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes.

Currently, I am working as a Golang Engineer in Ohmyhome, a startup. I developed APIs and microservices for a new product called Cora, a property management solution. I am also working on developing APIs and microservices for our Ohmyhome web and mobile applications. I also contribute to improving our overall architecture and development workflow.

I always keep myself up to date by learning new technologies. melvinvivas.com is my tech blog where I share what I’ve learned so it can help others as well. Usually, I write programming guides. Most of my posts also have source code available in my github so you can try out the examples which I discussed in each article.