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I just started a new live coding stream in Twitch!!!

Hey guys/gals, I’ve started a new Live Coding show in Twitch. You check it out at


My plan is to host the following in my show:

Tech Talk Tuesdays (TTT)

  • Tech Talk Tuesdays (TTT) - Tuesday Nights @ 830 - 10pm

    • Interviews with Experienced Developers Friend who is working with Meta formerly Facebook (Marc)
    • CTO - one in the US and one in the PH
    • My current and previous teammates who I’ve worked with
    • Frontend, Backend, Devops. Mobile Developers
  • Tech Meetups

    • Tech Presentations/Demos from volunteers. Topics will be any technology - beginner to advanced
  • IT Career Talks

    • Universities / High Schools

Weekend Coding (Saturday or Sunday)

For weekends, either Sat or Sun - 4-5 hrs - 2-5pm on Sat or Sun Live coding - let’s build some software or maybe web apps

  • Tutorials for new tech - advanced programming (nextjs, svelte, vuejs, golang, flutter for mobile apps)
  • Tutorials for tech used for freelancing(mostly popular full stack) - building websites - Laravel PHP framework, Ruby on Rails, Fullstack JS, Inertia.js
  • Beginning Golang - go through the Golang tour
  • Q & A / Just Chatting about Tech and other things

See you in my stream! You follow my Twitch to get notifications when I go live.

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