I'm looking for Remote/Contractual Software Development Projects!

Hi friends! I'm currently open for remote and contractual software development projects. Below is a list of technologies I can work with. Please help me share this blog post to your network who might need to outsource some programming work. Thanks in advance!

Connect with me in LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/melvinvivas or GitHub.

Here's my latest resume.

Below are the technologies I can work with...

Languages - Java, Go, Objective-C, Python, Javascript
Frontend - React, Gatsby, AngularJS , Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, JQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS
Backend - NodeJS, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Netflix OSS, Java Comms API, Jersey
Mobile - Flutter, Ionic
Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, Prometheus, Neo4J
Messaging - MuleESB, Kafka, JMS
Cloud Platforms - Amazon Web Services(AWS), Google Cloud Platform(GCP), Microsoft Azure
Containers - Docker, Kubernetes, Portainer, Traefik, Vault
CI/CD - Jenkins, Travis, Ansible, Nexus, Artifactory, Rundeck, Grafana
APIs - REST, GraphQL
Agile - Scrum Framework

IDEs - Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite(STS), IntelliJ, Xcode, Android Studio, JIRA
Build - Maven, Gradle, Ant
Dependency Management - yum, apt, npm, yarn, brew
Operating System - Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian), Windows, Mac OSX,
Mobile Operating System - iOS, Android
Source Control - Git, Subversion, CVS
Cloud APIs - Facebook Messenger Bot, Evernote, Twilio, Google Sheets, Flickr

Here's a quick summary of my journey...

I have worked as an IT professional for 19.5 years. I have been able to work in different roles - as a Software Developer, Team Lead, Technical Manager, and Scrum Master in startups, medium-sized companies and large companies. I have good experience in developing interfaces for mobile, web, server-side applications and integration for different-sized organizations. I am able to contribute to all organizations I’ve worked with as an individual contributor or as part of a team.

I started my career in the Philippines working for the National Computer Center in 1999. After that, I moved to the private sector and worked in the Philippines for 6 years from 1999 to 2005. After gaining experience from local companies, I pursued a more challenging role in Singapore. I spent 2.5 years working in Singapore until I decided to move back to the Philippines in mid 2008 to run my own IT Consulting business focusing on mobile (iOS, Android) and web applications development. However, for personal reasons, I moved back to Singapore in 2012 to pursue my career here as a Software Engineer.

My recent role was at Standard Chartered Bank. I worked as a Technical Manager and Scrum Master of our Frameworks Development Team(Frontend and Backend) and DevOps  team. Our teams were responsible for innovating the bank’s Trade Finance applications using new technologies like Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes. I left Standard Chartered after 3.5 years.

I am currently unemployed and keeping myself up to date and learning Go, React, GraphQL, and Kubernetes. Apart from tinkering with these technologies, I also plan to contribute to open source and develop some of my startup ideas.

Connect with me in LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/melvinvivas or GitHub.